Top film; brainless (but loveable) fun, classic rogue-turned-good tale. Acting was superb, as you’d expect from Mel and Helen Hunt, and as long as you didn’t think too closely about that plot you’re fine.
It’s also the first film I’ve seen in Dolby Digital 5.1. The set-up isn’t tuned properly (moving house in about 10 days – not worth setting up properly), but it was still great. This film was very understated in it’s use of the effect, which made it so much the better when they did go full-on (gotta love those rain storms – plus the big voices-in-the-head scenes are just great).
Oh yes, and the extras are reasonable. Nothing too special (some interviews, the original trailers, plus a making off documentary which I half watched.) There’s also a director’s commentary, which I didn’t have time to listen to, but in other films I’ve seen this is a great addition.