About me…
Where it started: I was born in London where I lived until I moved to Yorkshire. I am now a software developer 4 days a week, and an ordained priest in the Church of England, serving as a Associate Minister at St Mark’s, Harrogate.
Since then: Stuff which may be of interest:

Why Eutony? Eutony is derived from the Greek ‘eutonos’, meaning pleasant sound, and I thought it would make a nice domain name for me and my family.
James’s Interests and Activities

The following is a little summary of some of my interests and activities

Theology: Kind of goes with the job, but I love the Bible, thinking about God, and doing my best to be a follower of Jesus Christ and help others (and our world) benefit from the Good News he brings.
Music & Media: I play a little bit of guitar and percussion/drums, and have fiddled with mandolin, piano, and organ, mainly in a church context. I also enjoy sound engineering, oh yes, and I’ve been known to do a spot of campanology.
I’ve always been drawn to the media; radio shows (I was station manager of Imperial College Radio in my 2nd year), writing for newspapers and journals, and I fancy trying acting… (if only there was time!!)
Photography: I really enjoy taking photos, and try and post images several times a week to Instagram (@revjameshandley), and also my ‘365’ photo project at photo.eutony.net/365
Baking: I like baking cakes and other fancies, as well as staple meals.
Other: I am into computer programming, puzzles (crosswords, SuDoku, …), reading, and messing around with technology (soldering, PC upgrades, cabling, electronics…)
Sport: My preferred sport is climbing, but I love sailing and skiing (neither of which I do as often as I’d like!). But I’m always up for pool, kicking a ball around, watersports… Oh yes, and I’m getting into walking.