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Wed Feb 08 2012

Finally made it climbing again yesterday – first time since September (and I felt it!). Rather over-did it on the bouldering at the start, and so had all but run out of arm when I moved onto some pitches, but I did manage 4 ascents, ranging from 5 to a 6a (which I was chuffed with). I did 10 or 12 bouldering problems, but all down the bottom end of the scale (VB-V2). I’ve booked up the next 2 months of climbing evenings with my mate, which will provide the motivation to get off my butt, and hopefully I’ll be […]

Wed Apr 08 2009

Went to the Leeds Wall with a friend from Church at the weekend. His boys are in the climbing club there, so he gets to climb for free while they have their lesson. Anyway, he invited me along to be a belay partner. My climbing background is principally traversing. I got the bug doing a outdoor climb in Wales, but 99% of my climbing experience was doing an hour’s traverse every lunchtime for 4 years while at Uni. So at one level I wasn’t mad keen. I’ve only really had one great experience of belay climbing, and that was the […]

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