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Fri Jan 26 2024

2004 is shaping up to be a year of change. We’re not planning any major life changes, but there are quite a few things which have, or will be changing this year: Our boys have swapped bedrooms .. and with that will come a redecoration in due course We now have a pet snake (Jafar)(!) […]

Fri Jul 28 2023

My son asked this week about what the easiest way to make a flowchart (for a Factorio mod he’s designing!). I pointed him at Miro, and it made me realise there’s actually quite a few online tools I use a lot at home and work, which are worth a shout-out. Some of these I may […]

Thu Jun 29 2023

Just a very quick website update. When I first migrated to using next.js as my front-end, I used the WPGraphQL plugin to fetch data from WordPress. GraphQL is really nice – especially the facility to tailor queries and include related data – but on WordPress it seems really slow. Obviously I am running WordPress on […]

I recently blogged about my e-mail backup strategy, using imap-backup. However I’ve found in real life this tool trips up quite a lot, and doesn’t really sync very satisfactorily on an ongoing basis. It’s also been slightly nagging at me that I’m just mirroring – so if an e-mail is deleted it’s gone for good […]

Fri May 19 2023

I’ve been meaning to write something about passwords, and password managers for ages. TL;DR Passwords need to be as long as possible, and no fewer than 15 characters. Never re-use the same password on different sites. Always use 2FA where it’s offered. Use a password manager like bitwarden to do all the above! There really […]

In my last post, I talked about the important of backing up, and how I do it. The upshot is I use a cloud file provider, which automatically synchronises my data, keeps a file history, and allows delete restore. There are many options here – I settled on because it is zero-trust out of […]

On the basis that: The world is facing a severe crisis of environmental degradation and climate change that affects our ability to sustain human civilisation in its present form, The main cause of the crisis is human activity, The crisis is inextricably linked to global injustices, inequality and extinction of many species, The crisis indicates […]

You don’t need to work with technology for long before you realise the importance of having a backup strategy. The two main use cases are disaster recovery, and mitigation against accidental deletion or edit. The first is generally more straightforward – you are simply looking to be able to restore all your data in the […]

Well – it has taken some time (and partially explains the lack of posts), but I think I’ve got my personal websites set up “just so” now. The core engine is still WordPress, which is running headless to provide all the content to the front-end. I use WordPress admin to manage the site, write posts, […]

Fri Jan 20 2023

Turns out #chatgpt isn’t great at telling jokes… “Give me ten examples of Dad jokes.” What did the dad say when his kids asked him for money? “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.” Why was the dad’s belt arrested? For holding up his pants! Why don’t dads ever have any money? Because they always […]