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All in all a most satisfactory ending to Torchwood Miracle Day. Unlike the end of Children of the Earth, they couldn’t be shouting Next Season more clearly. So, the important bit – how were my predications? Jack gets immortality back, and death returns to everyone else. Pretty close. I really didn’t see Matheson coming, although […]

Thu Sep 08 2011

I’m quite enjoying this season of Torchwood (Miracle Day) – it’s moved a long way from the Alien of the week format. I could do without the sex, which seems to be solely about gratification and not about developing the plot, but otherwise it’s good. I’ve been mulling over what’s going to happen (I should […]

I’m really enjoying the recent revival of the Doctor Who series. David Tenant was, IMO, the best Doctor by a country mile, and several of his episodes instantly stood out as classics. Admittedly I only came on board with the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker, who is my second fave). One of the things that stood […]

Derren Brown’s latest stunt (where he ‘predicted’ the lottery numbers) has been the cause of masses of discussions at work about how he did it. There are plenty of theories about how he did it – so here’s my analysis. First of all, what do we know? He turned around a plastic podium containing 6 […]

Mon Mar 10 2008

I really should implement comments. 🙂 Anyway, some early responses from friends. I’ve edited for brevity/anonynmity as I haven’t asked them if they mind!! H says: Life on Mars = yes also The West Wing 6 Feet Under Both remarkable pieces of programming. I am currently on series 2 of 6 Feet Under and series […]

Sun Mar 09 2008

A month or two ago I happened across the last ever episode of Friends being re-broadcast on some channel or other. Actually I only caught the last 5 minutes – and it’s not an episode I’ve seen in it’s entirety. All very emotional. Anyway, voice over lady announces at the end that we needn’t be […]

Mon Jul 02 2007

Wow – what a finish! I am seriously in awe of Russell T Davies and the writers of Dr Who. To have planted so much so early on (like at the start of the new Series 1). Makes me wonder what other unresolved bits and pieces are waiting to pounce on us. And The Face […]