Loadsa reviews to do!

Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Rings.
This is a very long film – I’d strongly suggest seeing it somewhere that a) has no kids, and b) has an intermission. After about 2 hours I was getting fidgetty, and starting to mutter “get on with it”.
To be honest I wasn’t greatly impressed with the film. Nothing wrong with it – very clever in many ways – but ok rather than superb. The cinematics were very good though – loved the scenary, special effects, and the casting was spot on. It’s hard to see how they good have made the film better, given the book they were working from, but it just overstayed somewhat, and defintely dragged in places.

Jak and daxter on the playstation 2 – what a fantastic game!! I’m loving it – highly addictive, superb pitch of difficulty (puzzles get progressively harder – almost none are manageable at first attempt, but all of them are possible after several attempts, and can usually be beaten before you get naffed off / check the Internet), and awesome graphics. Well worth obtaining if you have a PS2 (nice and cheap from dvdcrave.com in Oz – see link on left)