"The Time Machine"

The Time Machine – H.G. Wells’ classic story of a man thrown into the future, where the human race has split in two.

I have to say that this is actually a fairly good adaptation. The suspension of disblief is very easy – aided considerably by some of the best special effects I’ve seen for a while – but yet it manages to keep hold of it’s B-rate sci-fi origins (and I mean that as a complement!)
The whole moon destruction thing was a work of genius, as is the holographic librarian – very nice plot devices to explain the storyline, and to help our hero make sense of it all!

I did end up seeing it twice, and it certainly survives two viewings (it was actually on the second viewing that I figured out that the time machine is storing up time, and when it explodes at the end a billion year bubble of time passage is released in an instant). Worth catching on video.

Seen at Ster Century, Leeds