"Mr Mosquito"

A very odd game, with a lovely concept that’s let down by it’s implementation.
You control a mosquito who lives in a japanese family’s house, and the idea is that you have to suck blood from the various family members, in order to stock up for the winter.
Of course, they’re not too happy, and if they see you will enter into ‘battle mode’, where upon you have to calm them down by hitting various points on their body.
There’s three main problems with the game – the first is that the graphics are fairly poor, nowehere up to scratch for the PS2. The second is that the controls are just too hard and unresponsive – this is supposed to be an insect! The last one is just personal taste regarding the barely concealed sexual overtones – fancy sucking some blood from a teenage girl having a bath, or perhaps from her upper thigh while she lies on her bed in hot-pants? Perhaps I’m just prudish, but I could’ve done without that.
Probably a game to miss.