This was a lovely concept (an monk who must protect a scroll for 60 years, and in return doesn’t age and recovers from any injury inflicted on him), strongly influenced by Jackie Chan, Crouching Tiger, and a bit of Matrix – but sadly heavily let down by the script and acting (in places).
It’s a good fun film – the action is great (but more please!), and the main actors hold their own – James(!?!) King as Jade rocks, as does Seann William Scott. Chow Yun-Fat breezes through the physical stuff, but comes a bit unstuck with the english dialogue. The rest of the cast are actually pretty poor (although the Nazi dude does have a good screen presence), looking like actors from a 2 bit American soap.
Oh yes, and the ‘twist’ at the end is not worth holding your breath for.

Seen at Ster Century, Leeds