What a riveting year this has turned out to be, eh? Almost halfway through, and only one diary entry. Still, that’s probably good news for my PhD (only 19 weeks until submission day!). I start writing up properly next week, although I’ve still got quite a bit of research to do.
Spoke to an old friend last night (the friendship is old, not the friend) – his daughter (I was at school with the guy, and he’s got a baby!!!) is being baptized on Sunday. We’re going down to see them, but still ended up chatting for hours on the phone. But it did bring to my attention that I’ve not done anything with this site for months. So I decided to have a little spring clean.
I’ve mainly put up a few more reviews, and updated my ‘to see’ list. Actually that list is quite depressing – for every film I manage to knock off it, another 3 get added! Really must start going to the cinema more.
Still excitements that are going on – just 5 or 6 weeks to the new Harry Potter book, I’ve been accepted for a conference in San Diego in August (my first international one!). House is coming along – bedroom and sitting room are all but finished, bathroom just needs tiling. Oh yes, and our ‘outdoors’ is completely finished – got a lovely patio now. Of course it’s rained non-stop since it was finished, but that was only to be expected.
That’s enough for one day – better go and write these reviews.