"Ratchett and Clank"

From the makers of Jak and Daxter comes a game that’s just possibly even better!
“Like J&D with guns” is how I’ve heard it described, and that’s not far off, but it doesn’t do it justice. Synopses and the storyline of the game are ubiquitous on the net, so I’ll only add my personal opinion.
It rocks! I have played this, and played this, and played this. Straight after finishing it once I went back to the start and played it again (it lets you restart the game with all your guns and some special items). Perhaps I need to explain a little – as the game progress you get the chance to pick up or buy weapons, all of which have their specific strengths and weaknesses. My favourites are the suck cannon (which sucks in little enemies, and turns them into explosive projectiles) and the morph-o-ray (which turns the enemies in chickens?!?). But the gameplay again is pitched perfectly – perhaps a little easy for some, but I never found myself stuck for too long, even though some parts were quite challenging.
All in all an awesome game, well worth getting hold of.