"Camping and web hosting"

Good weekend away – went camping in Appletreewick with our house group from church. I’ve not been camping for about 3 years (and my shoulder aches), but it was good fun. The only not so fun bit was waking up at 5am on Sunday dying for a pee, and having to clamber over the missus, find my wellies and coat, and walk to the shower/toilet block, which was right at the other end of the campsite. Still, it’s what camping is all about!

On a different note, I’ve been playing around with the web-site – it’s moved to a new host (hostcolor.com), where for 25 bucks a year I get 20Mb of webspace but with cgi type stuff like PHP and MySQL. This means I can finally move into the 21st century, and get some dynamic content going. I’m just in the process of moving all my reviews into the SQL database, then I’ll knock together a front-end. Then I’ll think about putting this blog type thing into the database! Then I’ll weave some CSS magic, and we’ll be rocking. Anyway, the setup was very quick and easy, and as far as I can tell they seem to be pretty good hosts. I guess time will tell…

Last thought – I’ve been playing SOCOM online on the PS2, and thought I ought to mention the Old Age Playstationers, or [OAP]s. It’s a group that was created in response to the abundence of teenagers playing SOCOM, and consists of more mature players (all members are over 27) who have more refined conversation, prefer to use the headset for tactical play (rather than shouting/swearing!), and who have other demands on their time (like jobs, familes, etc). I certainly find it a haven of calm to go into an [OAP] room after playing in a normal game! But I’m just an old fart, I guess!!!