"The Core"

I popped this film into the machine expecting a high tech war/conspiracy thriller/sci-fi – how wrong I was! Despite a very interesting premise and very clever ideas and truly stunning special effects, for me this was ultimately a story of human relationship and adventure – that fact most of it was set hundreds of miles underground was almost irrelevant.
Good solid acting all round – hats off the wonderfully odious Dr Zinksy – although one or two more familiar faces wouldn’t have gone amiss.
However the story is absolutely gripping – there’s a wonderful sense of the growing tension, and you do end up caring for the crew going down to the core….
It misses out on a fifth star because the ending is just a little too abrupt and neat, the script strays into the incredulous just too often, and it is a little lacking in star value. But definitely worth a rent for an evening’s solid drama and excitement.