This film has a lovely premise – that of “hypertime”, whereby a person wearing a special watch can so accelerate the molecules in their body that time apparantly stands still. If you can suspend your disbelief for long enough to go with this (and some major liberties are taken with it – such as still being able to drive a car?!?), it’s actually quite a fun film. The filmmakers are clearly not taking things too seriously, but do (just) keep it from being too camp. The plot is entirely by the numbers, although that said there are touches of genius – mainly in the form of the lovely Francesca (Paula Garcés – who passes convincingly as a high school kid at 28!!) who, for example, after knocking out an antagonist by kicking his head with her foot, is asked: “karate?” – answer: “ballet”. Perfect for the kids – plenty of goofball laughs, a bit of family/relationship tension, some thrills and spills for younger members of the family, and the less cynical just might not be able to predict the ending 5 minutes into the film. As for adults – it wouldn’t be torture to sit through this with a young ‘un (especially as Francesca is really very cute – especially when she’s wandering around in just a towel AND I don’t feel bad about fancying her now I know she’s my age – bonus!), but otherwise I’m not sure there’s really enough to keep a more mature audience engaged.