Result – two nights in a row. Last night went down at about 11.15, and then not a peep until just after 7, which makes almost 8 hours in my book.
I reckon that he would have started sooner, if it hadn’t have been for the students at Spring Harvest coming home at 2am, making the maximum amount of noise possible! 🙂
(Something I never did as a student at Spring Harvest, of course…)

Anyway, off to Norfolk this evening, to spend Easter en famille, which will be nice, plus the first time Anna will meet her niece (and the first time Ben will meet his cousin, although I suspect, being 13 and 15 weeks old respectively, neither will appreciate it.)

Did have a bit of a funny moment when I realised that Ben and Maddy have the same relationship that I have with my cousins, and therefore my parents have the same relationship with my aunts/uncles as I have with my sisters. I’d just never thought of them being that close and knowing each other that well before…

Another funny moment when I realised that Ben and Maddy could legally marry (when they’re older, obviously) – bit shudder-worthy, somehow!