Well, no Empire Records review, but I have done lots of other exciting things…

First of all, I’ve finally made this website dynamic, which means what you’re reading is a page generated on the fly from my database! You may well wonder what the advantage of this is, and that would be a good question – the two that spring to mind is that I can now put in some sort of search facility, should any crazy fool decide to search my blog or reviews. The second is that you can choose to view only the review you’re interested in, rather than having to download the whole lot, which should be faster.

This did entail me moving my webhost away from hostcolor (who I’m afraid to say were most unhelpful when I was trying to sort out my update strategy) to 34sp.com (who I’ve delighted to say have been wonderful). The setup was extremely fast, and the small DNS hiccup was very quickly resolve by support team responded almost instantly! Anyway, 34sp.com can be found over to the left, down at the bottom of the links section. And their basic hosting (which include CGI and MYSQL) is just 15 squids a year. Bargain!

And, I’ve finally seen Pulp Fiction. Yup – it’s taken me 10 years, but that one chalked up. Interesting film – again need to do a review with my thoughts. Anyway, quite enough for one day – better go feed Ben.