Well, the last ever episode of Friends just aired, and like a thousand and one other people in the UK I’m blogging about it.

Friends has been a part of life for as long as I can remember – when it first came out I wasn’t into it (mainly because everyone else was), but when I saw an episode – probably late into series 2 – I got completely hooked. At one point I had several series on video, but that fad died away.

Wouldn’t claim to have seen every episode – for me it went off the boil as something to watch every week (something the Simpson’s has never done), but still great to catch occasionally.

I think it’s time had come – most of the cast have moved on to other things, and have really got to old for the comedy of Friends (funny to think Jennifer Aniston used to be an unknown!), but there’s still a part of me that got a bit sad watching this evening’s episode.

Fitting somehow that it should be followed by Big Brother 5’s launch – another show that’s passed its sell-by date! And it will be interesting to see what the Joey spin-off show will be like…