Strangely billed as a children’s book, Mark Haddon tells the story of
Christopher Boone, a 15 year old with Asperger’s, who finds a neighbour’s
dog murdered, and sets out to solve the case.

The book is written as Christopher’s diary, and gives a real insight
into the mind of a child with this condition. There are frequent forays into
maths and logic, but the emotional detachment is extraordinary – Christopher
is seemingly incapable of understanding what other people are feeling.

Oliver Sachs (who turned his wife into a hat, or something) found it very
funny – I’m not sure funny is a word I’d have used, when I found it quite
moving; sad even – but it is brilliantly written, and hugely engaging.

It is a book of surprises too – the journey does not end up where I was
expecting at all, but the book is all the better as a result. However
in my opinion this is a book fairly and squarely for adult readers, or
at least late youth – I can’t imagine (early) teens getting a lot out of it.

Curious Incident cover
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