The street bible
by Rob Lacey is a complete
reworking/summary of the Holy Bible in modern (street) language for
those who “have never read the Bible, or have read it too much”.

I have personally found it quite inspiring, particularly how he works the
four gospels into a single narrative (although the disciples being called
“Drew”, “Jim”, “Jonno”, etc was a litle disconcerting at first!!)

The book kicks off in the Old Testament, with a whistle-stop tour of
the books of the Bible, in canon order, but with the relative timings of the
events in the book explained. I thought this was great – all the boring
numbers and geneologies have been dumped, leaving stories, history, and

A good half of the book is based around the New Testament. The four gospels
are squelched into a single narrative, and the remaining books are
presented as e-mails to the various churches from the various authors.

But it must be said, it’s hugely enjoyable to read (which is not always true
of the Bible), and helped me think about things in a new light.

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