Hoorrah – my “to see” list is finally shrinking! Went to see the newest Harry Potter flick last night with the missus (first evening out together post-Ben, thanks to a wonderful friend who babysat!), and another friend at work has leant me The Two Towers, which will probably take us all week to watch!

Saw the trailer for King Arthur at the cinema, and I’m going off it. Kiera Knightley is a big draw, but it looks as if she’s just playing “posh English girl with spunk” again, which I think is a shame. She has showed her flexibility in other films, but in Pirates and this one she’s essentially played the same character. (I know that ‘spunk’ is not really used in this way anymore, but it seemed the right word on this occasion. Substitute ‘spirit’ if you like!). It might slip off my to-see the next time I update it – for now, a reprieve.