Here I am, blogging on the train again. This time I’m on the way to my cousin Emma’s wedding, in Gt Misssenden (which is Aylesbury way – we just left Rickmansworth, where I believe PGL Head Office is, and are now at Chorleywood, home of Soul Survivor. LBC not far either). Anyway, the inspiration for this ramble is that we’re basically following the route of the Metropolitan line, so what you may say. Well, not only are we following the route – we’re using the tracks!!

I was sure that mainline trains and the tube use different gauges – but the metropolitan line is the same track as the circle, district etc, and Marylebone is a proper mainline station. I suppose it’s possible that either the circle etc. lines are different, or indeed that the Aylesbury line is different? Or maybe the power rails on the tube make it look smaller.

Was a good journey down. I started off in coach C (my reserved seat), which is right next to the smoking car, stank of smoke and was full of very loud young men & loud families. So I decided to upgrade on weekend first (only 10 quid) but actually found coach D was half-full, totally quiet, and not smokey! It’s also the quiet coach, so no phones, walkmans, beeps – bliss. I got all my work done, and had time to read the paper! Think I’ll try the same trick on the way home.