"The mirror crashes"

Phew – got into work, couple of minutes to catch my breath before the day starts in earnest.

Had a big shock last night – our bathroom mirror fell off the wall, and (sort of) shattered on the floor. It’s a substational affair – 60x80cm, so made quite a crash! Actually it had some amazingly strong plastic backing, which kept all the shards together, apart from some small fragments which had flown off. Fortunately we were all in bed at the time, but it took a chuck out of the loo seat on it’s way down, and ended up just where we put Ben on the floor when he’s getting ready for a bath. Doesn’t bear thinking about. Probably the most extraordinary thing about it was that Ben didn’t even stir!! When that’s boy’s asleep, wow, he can sleep (bit like his father, I guess).

Depressingly my weight is going the wrong way – up to 82kg yesterday evening, although we had just had a huge meal.