Very sad day – had to wear my coat on the journey into work because of coldness for the first time in ages. Obviously there’s been rain, but this morning was distinctly too nippy to just be in shirt sleeves. Won’t be long before the central heating goes back on after its summer break!

A recent bit of research has also stated that “people who keep diaries are more likely to suffer from headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and even social dysfunction.” (New Scientist, 11/9/04). These ramblings, while not really worthy of the title ‘diary’, do probably evidence social dysfunction, and certainly would give any reader a headache and probably an upset stomach (although not, presumably, sleeplessness), but I don’t think that’s quite what the researchers are saying. ๐Ÿ™‚

On a different note, got my eye on a digital SLR camera, particularly the Canon EOS 300D (aka Digital Rebel). The usually dependable Ebuyer can only do 600 squid – too rich for my blood – but A&M Photo World, in the states, do the same deal for 670 bucks (with 75 bucks delivery). The current exchange rate of about 1.8 means that comes in at about 311 pounds. Course you need to add duty and VAT, which bumps it up to about 380 pounds, which is still steep, but a bit more manageable. By the time I’ve saved up that much it’ll probably be cheaper anyway!! Course Canon have only gone and brought out the 20D (8.2 megapixels, compared to the 300D’s 6.3) AND the 1DS (a whopping 11.1 megapixels, with a full 35mm sensor to boot), but at $1,579 and $5,499 respectively it aint going to happen! Still, these new cameras may well drive down the price of the 300D, which would suit me!