Phew – made it home after a holiday in the Dales. Stayed in the lovely cottage in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, which was marred only by Ben’s continuing illness. Still, he appears to be on the mend about now, which is great, and hopefully he’ll back at full speed when we’re both back at work next week.

Anyway, point of this entry is that autumn seems to have happened while I wasn’t looking. We came back after only a few days away, and suddenly all the trees are red/golden, and there’s leaves everywhere! Of course, the scientist within knows that the hues are due to programmed cell-death as the trees try and reclaim as many nuturients as possible from the leaves, but it’s still very beautiful. Still, I just love kicking through big piles of leaves (unless there’s something unsavoury lurking in the middle, of course)

Oh yes, there was one other thought – are people no longer taught to put headlights on when it’s raining? Several times now I’ve noticed it’s been chucking it down, and probably most cars driving along without lights. I concede that they have been quite bright days, but the purpose is not so that you can see, but so that others can see your vechicle, and see that’s probably active. When visibility and road grip are reduced, it’s important to be able to tell at a glance where the other road users are and what they’re doing. I’ll get off my high house now.

Closing thought – just been handed the baby, and sadly my typing is only a little slower using one hand than two!