Had my SonyEricsson K700i for a bit now, and what I great phone – does everything I want a phone to do, and seems to have been designed really nicely. The repeating alarm is great – you select what days you want it to go off (so I don’t need to remember to switch if off on Friday, and then on again on Sunday), and it will play an MP3 as the alarm signal, so I’m lulled gently awake by the Moonlight Sonata.

There have been complaints about the battery life, and I don’t really see it. Ok, so it’s not got the charge of, say, the T68i, but I find I can comfortably go 3 or 4 days without charging it. It did nearly run out of charge on one trip to Oxford, but I was using it to check my e-mail quite a lot, and to phone home, so I can forgive that. I did mention that it’s got a POP3 and IMAP e-mail client built in?

The screen is lovely, clear, bright, and colourful, and the web-browser does a pretty good job of rendering webpages. The camera – well, it’s a 300K pixel camera in a phone, nothing to write phone about, but does what it says on the box. Oh yes, except for that horrible crunch sound you can’t turn off with the new firmware (R200L or something? Will look it up later)