As I was making my morning coffee, I was looking at the instant jars, and just thinking about the colours. Caf is usually red (or perhaps black), whereas decaf is usually green. Presumably this is a reflection on society’s attitude to caffeine – red for danger, green is safe! However if you think in terms of “stop” and “go”, it’s quite another story.

Anyway, it’s goodbye to 2004, and as usual it only seems like yesterday i was having to remember not to write 2003 on cheques. What an extraordinary year it was; the death of my Dad, birth of my son, got my PhD, ditched my filofax & film SLR for digital counterparts – obviously these vary in magnitude, but (for example) I’d run my life using a filofax for 11 years – nearly all my adulthood! Incidently, the Canon 300D is awesome.

If I’m honest I face 2005 with some trepidation. 2004 was jolly hard work, and the thought of another hard year… Still we can only look forward with hope, the days are getting longer again, Ben continues to grow and delight, and the house is so close to being done…