Hah – vindication is mine! I’m not a completely out of touch old fogey for liking Radio 2; apparantly just over 8 million of us like listening to Terry Wogan in the morning, which is more than one in ten of radio listeners. So there!

On a different note, the election is over for another few years, and I have to say it’s probably the best result. I didn’t vote for Labour, and don’t particularly support their policies, but they have done a reasonable job of running the country (and certainly a lot better than the Conservatives last effort), so I’m not unhappy they’ve got back in. The best part is their hugely reduced majority; this means Parliament will operate more accountably and hopefully gives the cabinet a wake-up call.

To be honest, I don’t think our electoral system works very well. Looking at the BBC website, Labour secured 36% of the vote, yet have 57% of the seats in parliament. Conversely the Conservatives have 33% of the vote, but 31% of the seats. The Liberal Democrats manage 22% of the vote, yet have only 9% of the seats. I can’t see how the make up of parliament reflects the votes here – just considering the two biggest parties, why should a 3% advantage in votes lead to a something like 25% advantage in seats of parliament, and hence power?