"Le weekend"

This is turning out to be a fab weekend – had a lovely time at Chris and Katy’s wedding yesterday; they got married in South Parade Baptist Church in Leeds, and then the reception was in Harewood house. I was doing the ushering thing which was great fun (nothing like legitimately bossing people around), although it meant I didn’t get any photos at the service itself. Still, more than made up for that at the reception (possibly a bit snap happy, but hey!)

Tommorow is the missus’ birthday, so we’re having a curry tonight to celebrate, and then I’m taking the day off work so we can do something nice – probably going swimming with Ben or something. I almost get more excited about her birthday than about my own, but then I love organising things and planning surprises.

I also playing my djembe at church this morning, which was fun. They don’t really have any percussion (we’re spending a few months at another church a the moment, just to experience how other people do things), so it was good to be able to provide a bit of beat.

The only mild downside was that I forgot to set the video for Dr Who – fortunately it’s repeated on BBC 3 tonight (phew!)