Wed May 18 2005

Decided to take the XHTML plunge, so am proud to annouce that my pages are (almost) valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The almost is because I want the Eutony logo on the top left to be a link to the front page, which means I’ve put an anchor tag around a <div>. This is apparantly naughty, but every browser I’ve tried understands what I mean!!! The transitional is because strict is far too strict.

The process was actually fairly painless – I’m a sufficient nerd that most of my open/closing of tags was correct – the painful thing was sorting out all the <br> (etc) tags into <br />, especially as this involved fiddling with the database.
The other option was to dynamically sort out these tags as the pages are served, but that would just slow everything down.

On a totally different note, Ben is soooo nearly walking. He can stand unsupported for several seconds now, but then he loses his courage and sinks to his knees again.