Thu May 19 2005

Bit more website fiddling; turns out that my PHP is riddled with errors! Not of a particularly major variety, just testing the value of undefined variables, which does causes the error log file to fill up. I found them because I was having a problem with my Gallery installation, which was down to file permissions, but then I noticed there was actually errors coming up in my normal webpages. Anyway, all fixed now, which may also improve performance a bit?

On a different note, I feel dreadful today – stuffed up full of cold, really sore throat, and feels like I hardly slept at all last night (not helped by Ben, incidently.) Got those horrible cold/hot shivers (which A tells me are called rigors), and probably should have just stayed in bed. 🙁
… the reason I didn’t is because a group of us from work are going to see Revenge of the Sith this evening, and I really want to see it (and indeed have already brought my ticket). Probably a bad idea, but Star Wars is Star Wars, and it is the last film (in our time, if not Star Wars time). Expect a review in due course.