Quite enjoyed Sith, although my ongoing cold didn’t enhance matters too greatly. I ended up spending nearly all day yesterday in bed, but am starting to feel a little bit better now…
I might hold off a review for a few days, but suffice to say I was annoyed at the apparant Jedi inability to finish the job. Despite a clear opportunity apiece for the Emperor and Vader to be bumped off, they both live to fight another day. Why Obi-wan didn’t finish off his fight particularly rankled.
I also got to wondering about why Obi-Wan calls Darth Vader “Darth” in episode IV? At the time I had assumed “Darth Vader” was his name, but rather “Darth” would seem to be the title of the Sith Lords; much like you would be a “Doctor” or “Sir”. Mind you “Strike me down, Sir, and I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine.” would pass..

The most exciting news is that Ben has taken his first few steps. He walked 4 steps from Mummy to Daddy entirely unaided yesterday evening – most of the time it was a barely controlled fall, but once or twice he definitely walked the small gap. So I guess we give him a couple of weeks and he’ll be running us off our feet!!