Can’t really win at this time of year – yesterday it was sort of cold and cloudy, which wasn’t very nice, but today it’s hot but muggy, and there seems to be loads of pollen around. I’m not a huge hay fever sufferer, but it does restrict my breathing a bit (in a hang-over from my asthma days), and occasionally gives me runny eyes and sneezles. 🙁

On a lighter note, decided to go ahead with the title thing; d’ya like?

Also on a lighter note, my ad-hoc weight loss programme is in a temporary success stage, as I’ve slipped down to a mere 77kg, or 12 and a bit stone. My target weight range is probably 70-75kg, and then I’ll have to admit that my proto-beer belly will actually require exercise to address. It’s actually quite reassuring, because I seem to have been constantly hungry recently!