"It’s just a ride"

Radio 2 are majorly playlisting the song by Jem called
It’s just a ride. Our Tel seems to play it everytime I listen to
him in the morning. As it happens it’s a great song, and I am still very much
in my “loving female singer-songwriters” phase (which I’m astonished to
see that I apparantly haven’t blogged about before – it must have been a
real conversation!).

Each time he plays it, I get closer and closer to buying the album. It was
down to Radio 2 that I got Tambourine by Tift Merritt – specifically
the song Still Pretending, although the whole album is pretty good.
Actually I have hinted at how I’m warmed by the female singing voice
before in a Letter, but I’m surprised I’d
not mentioned it more recently!

Things I like about the song? The tune is catchy, I like her voice and
the harmonies, the lyrics are naive but still strangely resonant, and I love
the way the tambourine comes in halfway through each verse. Sad but true.
It’s particularly effective the first time, on the word “bang”.