I find myself in the probably usual position of not really having anything to write about, but never-the-less still wanting to blog. Topics that have drifted through my head of late is just how lazy an awful lot of singers are about their diction. I suppose archetypically this includes the Bangles, but even Roy Orbison slurs his words together. I’m not great exception to this rule, but neither do I try and make my living out of it.

I’m dead excited about Harry Potter – Amazon reckon they’re going to dispatch it on the 14th July, and have a delivery estimate for the 15-16th July. There’s a part of me that would be surprised if it arrives on the 15th, seeing that the bookshops aren’t allowed to sell it until the Saturday (and are all advertising midnight opening), but I’m hardly going to complain if it does! There’s a small part of my that just wants the series to be over – get through the next two books and then that’s Harry Potter down, and in my mind a lot rests on what happens in this book as to whether I’ll rush out to buy book 7. Order of the Phoenix was ok, but didn’t grab me in the same way the earlier books did, and I certainly found Harry a lot less sympathetic as a character. Hopefully he’ll calm down a bit now?

No other excitements really; now that the hall/dining room floor is down major house renovation is on hold until after the summer – earmarked the August bank holiday weekend for re-decorating the spare room, but otherwise just little jobs here and there. Hopefully A. will sort out some blinds for the dining room, and I’ll whack those up, but that doesn’t really fall into my category of major.

Finally, optical illusions been doing the rounds at work. Check out the Dragon optical illusion, or indeed Michael’s optical illusions.