"Bad Wolf"

One of the things that has really intrigued me about the new Dr Who series is the Bad Wolf thing. For the first time it was done quite explicitly in Saturday’s episode, with the Doctor noticing and wondering what was with it.

Turns out that it has featured in just about every episode, although I have to confess the only one I really noticed was when it was graffitied on the side of the TARDIS.

Anyway, thanks to slashdot, a website speculating on such matters has been brough to my attention, appropriately enough badwolf.org.uk, and it’s got me wondering all over again.

Mild disappointment – it turns out that the BBC own said domain, and it’s even hosted on their servers. Would have been much more interesting if it had been a pundit, or indeed if they’d have taken the trouble to hide it behind A.N. Other person. Still, it was registered in November 2004, which clearly means it’s been thought about from the start.

Actually, dig just a little bit, and there’s loads of pseudo-websites associated with The Doctor! Interesting reading….