"Why DIY when you Blog?"

I’m wondering if perhaps going down the DIY route when I built Letters from Leeds was perhaps not the best idea, and maybe I would have been better with off-the-shelf blogging software. I very much enjoyed the process of building this website and LfL, and learnt more about perl, PHP, RSS, and so on, but there’s lots of facilities which standard blogs have which I don’t, the main one probably being commenting.

Don’t get me wrong – I do like the way this site looks and works (obviously, othrewise I’d change it!), and think that it probably presents the information I’m wanting to present in a way that I’d want to present it, but the whole LfL thing is a bit.. well.. clunky. So, for instance, I have to open a login shell to my server in order to do an entry (I tried doing an e-mail based thingy, but never actually used it), whereas I should probably write a webby type front end. H’mmm, come to think of it I believe I started a web based front end – wonder what happened to it!