Here’s a strange one, pointed out by H. at work.

Sometimes, when you search for a specific phrase, Google will return a few small images on it’s main search result. It seems pretty random which ones will or won’t – hey, time for a table (most not found by me!)

Returns images Doesn’t return images


hello kitty

darth tater

darth vader,

princess leia,



luke skywalker, r2d2, hans solo

daffy duck,

mickey mouse,

hong kong phooey, bugs bunny


frodo/bilbo baggins, gandalf

gordon freeman

buzz lightyear, lara croft

kate moss

claudia schiffer, britney spears, …


mars rover

wilma flintstone

fred flintstone (or barney, betty, bam bam, pebbles)

the last supper

mona lisa, sunflowers, …

What on earth is the logic here? I can only presume that they count the number of image hits, and if it’s above a certain threshold then they return the first few! Incidently, the safe search setting does have an effect – mine is set to moderate.