Saw the rabbit again last night – was wandering around our front garden, and I even managed to get off a couple of photos. Changed my mind about it being carefree – whenever there was any noise, or a car went past, it scarpered straight away, and as I discovered yesterday it can disappear very effectively into a nearby bush. Haven’t got a great photo yet; still holding out for that!

Put my Batman review up, and enough said about the film itself – but a funny thing happened on the way home – I walked past a newspaper display board and it had a banner across the top saying “Batman is back” (or something – can’t remember exactly what), and I did a double take, as it looked exactly like the Gotham Times (or whatever the paper is called)! For a moment I was confused over whether I was still in the cinema, or had been transported to Gotham, or something like that. I thought Metro’s review was a bit harsh, incidently – ok so it wasn’t an “edge of your seat” film, but I don’t think it was intended to be.

Oh yes, and the Beeb have commissioned series 3 of Dr Who (hoorah), and Billie Piper is going to be in series 2 after all, despite what the rumour mill was saying. The last episode of this series is tommorow, and then we’ve got to wait until Christmas!!