Here’s the Love, by Hayley Hutchinson (my current favourite track) continues to end up pretty high on my playlist. Had a go at playing along over the weekend, and it would appear that there’s no minor chord in it! I might be mistaken – and was certainly surprised – and there’s definitely one point when you could squeeze in a minor, but it’s basically a major chord song. It’s just so fab though; puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it.

The other thought I had is that it’s just screaming to be put into a film – probably over a “falling in love/courtship” montage.. hopefully some movie mogul listens to Terry Wogan and has had the same thought.

Oh yes, and I’ve realised why there’s been such a flurry of activity on here… Nothing like the possibility that someone might actually be reading to hot-wire creativity. Got readers to keep happy now; no good leaving it months between entries.

Today’s excitement – our new shredder arrived. Aint no-one going to nick our identities, oh no. Apparantly if one’s compost heap is getting filled up with grass cuttings (which end up as sludge), you can add your shredded paper which helps fix the consistency of the compost!