Made it home. Phew. Was a lovely time – as you’ve noticed I didn’t quite get around to writing a LfL on t’beach, mainly because I didn’t fancy taking my phone+PDA into a wet, salty, sandy environment! Weather was gorgeous, and we had lots of fun (went to a Donkey park, plenty of swimming and sun-bathing, some nice walks), and I managed to fill up the memory card of my camera (in the order of 300 photos, I think). Course an awful lot of those are dups and/or duds, many of which I could have deleted in Cornwall.

Great excitement when Half-Blood Prince arrived, although I shall refrain from sharing my thoughts as they would all be spoilers. Read it twice; once at full speed, second time a bit more slowly looking for clues. I personally think it’s one of, if not the, best Potter book in the series – and the reactions to the various ‘shippers’ at what seems to be the shakedown of the relationships is really quite amusing. Will try and get round to a review.

And, of course, Here’s the Love single has been released – think I might try out this iTunes thingy (79p can’t be bad, especially compared with Amazon’s 3.99 or something). It’s a shame about all the DRM stuff though – I just want to pay her/her record company the money and download an MP3. 🙁

Speaking of money, I’m a bit depressed about my toy budget. It would seem to be Feburary before I’ll have saved up enough for a new GPS, or April if I save up a bit longer for a PSP. Reason is that various widgets for the ‘ol PDA (memory card, WiFi) don’t come cheap. Ah well. Still, I think I might ask for Jem’s album for Christmas.