Had a lovely weekend with Penguin, lots of chatting, catching up, and solving puzzles. We also talked a bit about ‘blogs and the like, and this conversation was enough to tip the balance for me from the title Letters from Leeds being a bit kooky/ironic into being sad/self-important – so I’ve renamed it to plain and simple “James’s Journal” (and it’s only not “diary” because I couldn’t resist the alliteration). It is, and always has been, essentially a diary, so why not just call a spade a spade?

But it got me thinking; one aspect I’m not wild about is the archive thing – especially now I title my entries. When one goes to “2005”, do you really want a huge page of all my journal entries? I think not! But I can’t decide what would be better. I guess the options are:

  • Just the titles, click to read
  • Titles and a short excert, click to read
  • “Page” based viewing, with 10 entries per page, or something
  • Something else, or a combination of the above

Then there’s the question of how you navigate from an entry – back to the list, or is there a “forward” button?

Not that I’ve got time at the moment anyway, but it’s something to mull..