"Double discounts"

One of the nice things about working for a uni is that the university closes for two days on most of the bank holidays – so yesterday was another painting day. I discovered that it takes me about 2 hours do a single coat on the walls and ceiling of our spare room – plus obviously another bit either side preparing and then cleaning up. So I managed to get two coats on yesterday, which was fab – but sadly it looks like it will need another. And we’ve still got to do the wood too.

We’re going for an off-white blue for this room – blue is a colour that’s very under-represented in our house, and the spare room has drawn the lucky straw. Got 5 tester pots on standby, but we’re going to wait for the white to be finished.

Incidently, one of the disadvantages of working for a uni is that everyone assumes that you get huge summer holidays when all the students are away, and it gets a bit boring having to respond “Oh no, I just get 5 weeks annual leave like most people.” Actually it is probably about 6 weeks when you add the times the university is closed (around bank holidays and over Christmas).