"Barn Dance"

Going out to a Barn Dance this evening!! A couple at church are both celebrating their 40th birthdays this year, and so decided to have a big party – should be fun. Feel like we’ve earned an evening off as well, after another bout of painting today (ceiling finished, tester colours up and under consideration) and I even mowed the lawn. In amongst all this was a trip into town to buy Ben an outfit for the wedding on Saturday (A’s cousin in Bristol is tieing the knot).

Other news is fairly thin on the ground, although I’ve added a new friend to my links (Yay!). Andrew is a PhD student in my department who is about to go off to the states for a month, and has decided to keep a blog thing of his adventures. Who knows; perhaps he’s the next Bill Bryson, and I can say I was there when it all started.

Right – put on my dancing shoes…