Went to the doctor and got antibiotics, which have actually cleared up my chest really quickly; I’m hardly coughing at all now! Just don’t ask about my stomach…

Speaking of stomachs, I find myself at home this fine autumnal morning, as young man threw up last night! Nursery had warned off a stomach bug going around, but we can’t really work out if that’s his problem.. So, he goes to nursery Thurs afternoons, which means he would have had to catch and succumb to it in about 6 hours, which is pretty speedy. Or he might have caught in on Tuesday, in which case that’s really quite slow (48 hours).

He also doesn’t appear to be ill at all (apart from his cough).. perhaps more tired than usual, but basically full of beans. Best working hypothesis at the moment is that he hasn’t got the tummy bug (yet?), but either a particularly violent cough made him gag, or something he ate in the afternoon disagreed with him.

Pretty much sums up the week though – I’ve done all of about one days work, and spend the rest of the time pretty much in bed. I did upgrade my Linux box to FC4 this morning though, so that was satisfying.