Inevitably lots of things broke in the upgrade. The only two I’ve noticed so far were MySQL, which broke because it didn’t replace the config file, and PHP which broke because it did!

Actually not really fair to say PHP broke; rather parts of my website broke because of the default memory limit on PHP programs. Still, fixed now.

Was a little disheartening actually – I burnt the FC4 DVD, and upgraded, then ran a

yum update

and it had to download 1.4Gb of updates! I’d only downloaded the image a couple of weeks ago. Ah well.

Still fighting my chest infection. It had threatened to get a lot better, but yesterday came back with a vengence, and now my cough and nose are as bad as ever. That said, I’m actually feeling ok, and have started sleeping well at night, so can’t complain too much.

Today’s excitement is going to see the Bishop for lunch. Not something you get to say everyday! 🙂