"How toys change…"

Wait a few months, any my theoretical toy priorities change completely. Am probably not going to bother upgrading my GPS, or indeed purchase the Akai footpedal. I’m even leaning away from a PSP!

Why the changes? Well, toy budget is a finite resource, and the spending thereof must be carefully weighed up. Also, my k700i (which is quite possibly the best phone I’ve ever owned) is starting to misbehave, so I’m wondering what to do about this. I’ve narrowed my options down to three…

  • Straight replace with it a new k700i. Cost: About 100 quid.
  • Upgrade to the k750i. Cost: about 250 quid.
  • Change to a z520i. Cost: about 160 quid.

The k750i is the obvious choice; it does everything the k700i, but more so (including up to 4Gb memory stick, RDS radio, 2MP camera), but it is awful expensive. Ok, I could probably get it cheaper on eBay, and perhaps get 20 or 30 quid for my k700i, but it’s still going to totally wipe out toy budget.

Getting another k700i is a serious option, but I just wonder if the little annoyances I have with this phone will just annoy me even more when I’ve brought two of them!

Finally the z520i. This just looks like a lovely phone, as a clamshell design, and I like the sound of a lot of it’s features. Oh yes, and it’s also Quad-band. My two reservations are

  1. It doesn’t have a radio
  2. It has only 16Mb memory

The first is an issue because I’ve got quite used to listening to the radio on my way to/from work. The second is an issue because if I’m going to listen to MP3s on it (which I do on the K700i), that’s not very many. But then I could buy this phone, a portable FM radio, and a reaosnable MP3 player, and still have quite a lot of change from the cost of a k750i.

The other option is to dump SonyEricsson altogether, and plump for another manufacturer that will do what I want. The trouble is that Nokias are plain common, I didn’t like Siemens or Sagem models that I had, and I wasn’t wild about my old Motorola either. Whereas every E/SE phone I’ve had has been just the thing for me.