"Other phone options"

If I was to stay with Sony Ericsson, then I think the z520 is the clear winner. It’s so small and neat – the smallest footprint of any phone that satisfies my requirements – and I like the idea of those flashing side-lights.. The K750 is like twice the price, and I think my current mode of phone usage is “throw it in a pocket”, which is obviously more friendly towards clamshells. And, let’s face it – how long would it be before it developed the same joystick problem?

However a bit of web research has unveiled another possibility, in the shape of the Motorola (RAZR) V3. Slightly larger footprint than the K700i, but unbelievably thin! Price is broadly comparable – my three reservations are (a) the keypad has had mixed reviews, (b) it doesn’t have IR, and (c) I really like the SE interface, and will I just get annoyed with Moto?

I think the answer is to try and get hold of one physically, and see if I like the look and feel in the flesh…

Anyway, starting to flog off some stuff on eBay in order to raise funds, and I might just have saved enough to get a new phone for Christmas. Especially if I sell my guitar. 🙂