Wandered up to the Orange shop in the Student Union to try and get some hands-on experience of the phones I’m considering. They had the Moto V3 and the K750i.. the latter was just the same as my k700 in terms of weight and size.. The V3 didn’t really grab me. I think it was just a bit too wide – not really entirely confortable in my hand. It also didn’t look as sleek as I was expecting it to.

So the z520 is definitly top of the charts at the moment, although nowhere really has it in stock yet. If it hasn’t physically appeared in a shop by the time I’ve got enough money, I’ll be sorely tempted to buy it blind. Probably more sensible to have a try first though.

On a completely different note, I’ve just discovered del.icio.us, which is sort of an online social bookmarks manager type thing. You basically store all your bookmarks/favourites, and anyone else can look at them, but the real genius is that it tells you everyone else who has the same bookmark (and you can browse theirs). It’s a lovely idea, and the way the information is presented is just.. well nice.

The Flock web browser uses del.icio.us as its sole bookmarking facility. I haven’t really got used to this, and suspect it needs a few iterations of improvement before it’s truly useful, but it does seem like a nice idea.

Oh yes, my bookmarks are under jaymzhuk.