"More music from Terry"

I think that Terry Wogan has a lot to answer for; he keeps bringing music to my attention that I really like, and so I end up visiting iTunes. Doesn’t help my saving up for a new phone.

The latest is Juliet Turner, an Irish singer-songwriter responsible for the most catchy Dr Fell and Burn Your Black Suit (which is also the title of her second album). One of the unusual thing about her music is that she has a really strong irish accent, and it seems to be fairly rare to hear strong accents in songs these days.. I actually thought the song was about Dr Phil at first!! There’s plenty of examples of non-accents: for instance, would you think Kylie was Aussie from her singing? Would you think

KT Tunstall is Scottish? Or Charlene Spiteri? Then again other examples of accents showing through would be The Proclaimers, Gazza, … um all I can think off just now.

Juliet also did the frankly odd Business as Usual (“I’m standing next to lady liberty”), which I didn’t realise was hers until I listened to it. Don’t get me wrong – I like it – it’s just not your usual popular music. Her accent is not quite so pronounced in that one, which is why I didn’t attribute it to her.