"Off to London"

Phew – on holiday! Going to stay with my Mum in London, which will be the first time A. and B. have seen her since Easter, I think. My sister and neice are also popping over, so that’ll be lovely.

The downside is that we need to pack, and try and think of everything Ben will need. He’s asleep at the mo, so we’re just putting our feet up, but I guess when we wakes up we’ll start loading up the car in preparation of a good start in the morning.

We’re planning to watch Lost tonight, and then have an early night (which probably means a normal night, as the clocks have changed).

Oh yes, and my toy budget recently had a cash injection – a couple of sales on eBay, and then an honororium from Wiley books for reviewing a book proposal has pushed me well in toy budget surplus. In celebration I ordered a new wireless optical mouse (my old one is driving me nuts as it doesn’t work properly – and in fact it completely gave up the ghost just before I started writing this, so the new one is timely) and a bluetooth dongle.

I’m mainly saving up for my new phone though.

The question then hangs over what to buy with next year’s toy budget – a new GPS or a Sony PSP? I won’t be able to afford both, but reckon one might be a go-er.